We Believe in Taste

When we traveled throughout the Middle East and South Asia, we would spend entire days in the open markets shopping for scarves, bags and other trinkets.
To take a break, we would always enjoy a hot coffee made fresh in front of us by a talented in a stall. When we returned from our travels, we began craving that spiced coffee.

--That was Nothing like We Ever had Before !

-The Scintillating Aroma of Cardamom
-The Warming Sensation of Masala
-The Spicy Bite of Ginger

So, we got to work to select the finest Non-GMO and organic ingredients to create the perfectly spiced instant coffee that will warm and delight your senses- Anytime...Anywhere

Thus, was born -Spiced Instant Coffee in three flavors: Cardamom, Masala and Ginger.

Sit Back. Breathe Deep. Delight !

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